Bar & Club DJs

We can provide Bar and Club DJs for any type of event, from party venues, to laid back pre-club bars to specialist house and commercial club DJs.

Our DJs are experienced at mixing, using microphones and selecting tracks within your music policy that will keep the dance floor full, increase dwell time and spend, and pay for themselves many times over.

We have DJs available for cover, one-offs and residencies every night of the week.

We also run student nights on a revenue share basis, please get in touch for a quick, easy, no obligation quote.

The Upside Down Manifesto

Our Promise to you

  • You’re the boss. We will do as much as we possibly can to make sure that you choose the music and the style of DJ that you want
  • Be FUN. We take our business very seriously, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh while we are doing it, afterall your party is all about fun!
  • Its all about TRUST. We go to great lengths to make sure our deposit system is secure, and we issue every client with our ATTENDANCE GUARANTEE