How do I get a quote?

Just simply fill in the contact box below and we will get back to you within 24 hours, alternativley,please e-mail us or call on the number below (leave a voicemail if there is no answer), remember to include your contact details and the night you would like a quote for. We will then give you an idea of who is available and prices, and answers to any other questions you want to know. If you just want some more information, either use the contact box or e-mail us at info@upsidedowndjs.co.uk

How do I Book?

If you want to book,  just reply to us via e-mail or by phone and we will get all the details off you. We will then send you a booking confirmation through.

Do you take a deposit?

Yes, it is either £20 or £30 depending on the DJ / price. This can be paid securely online via a link we will send you on your booking confirmation, or if you prefer via cheque.

Is your deposit system secure?

Yes, it is run by Paypal UK, and it goes to an external website, where you can pay on your card so we never see your details. You will be sent an e-mailed receipt and we will be notified of your payment.

Will the DJ turn up?

All bookings are electronically logged with paper back-ups and we have full time members of staff who make sure DJ’s know what they are doing and what is expected of them. If the DJ needs to cancel (Which has happened about 4 times ever) we will arrange another DJ who knows exactly what he/she is doing. We have NEVER had a situation where the DJ has simply not turned up. Our terms and conditions make it clear that the DJ has to reimburse you if they don’t turn up, so you wont have a situation where the DJ gets offered more money elsewhere and goes to do that event instead.

What music will you play?

Whatever you request, we will endevour to play. We will send out a music survey when you book so we may be able to complete the whole event as you wish. So if you just want a broad range of music for lots of different people present or if you want dance and r n b for your 21st we can find a DJ that will cater for you. You can also tell us what you don’t want and we will not play that!

I want specific songs playing, can you get them?

As long as you give us enough warning, we should be able to find them. If we cant you can bring it on cd for us to play!

What do we need to provide for you on the night?

Just enough space to set up, 10 feet square is usually plenty and a couple of plug sockets, a nice glass of pop would be lovely too! All bookings made are bookings between the person booking and the DJ involved. Upside Down Djs act as booking agents for the Djs involved. (For full terms and conditions please go to terms & conditions)

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